Bowling. I love bowling. It’s a very fun thing to do, and every time I lift that heavy 13 lb ball I feel like a beast and marvel at the apparent strength I possess in my muscular biceps. What’s not to love about trying to aim a ridiculously massive ball at some silly looking pins, then crossing your fingers and leaning your head slightly to the side like a confused dog as you attempt to encourage your ball with your mind power to stop being silly and stay out of the gutter, then dancing back to your seat as you boast about your prowess and skillful aim.

So when a group of Grebel people decided to go bowling, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. But there was a catch- the theme to this bowling was tight and bright. Fortunately, my friend Jane had some tights and a sweatband that I could borrow to complete my outfit, but I’m pretty sure I looked completely ridiculous. Here you can see a lovely illustration of my beautifully uncoordinated outfit. 

But whatever, I was sure that many other people would dress up too. I wandered downstairs as people start to gather. And I looked around. And… everyone seemed to be dressed in street clothes. Lets just say I felt a little out of place, like a silly frosh who was taking things way too seriously. But, Jane was dressed weird too, so I took some strength from that, even though she pulled it off way better than I.

We left Grebel, the whole group. And we started walking. And walking. And walking. Until I realized, we weren’t taking a bus or anything. We were walking. The whole way. And even though I had my awesome trench coat, I was wearing converse and tights. Converse don’t work well in the snow. And tights are not actually good at keeping your legs warm in sub 0 Celsius weather. I’m not opposed to walking, I’m always up for a decent long walk. But… not in tights. I was cold. And my feet were getting wet.

So finally we got to the bowling alley. And I immediately became ridiculously confused. I stared at the bowling lane, trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with it. Then I realized, there were only 5 pins. 5 pins?? I looked around, trying to see where the balls were kept so I could chose a good one, maybe a pretty purple or blue swirly ball. But there weren’t any racks like I was used to. There were just little small balls on the lane, without any holes.

I was baffled! What is this, some kind of bowling for little children, with half the right amount of pins and a ridiculously small ball? Is this some kind of kiddie bowling? I looked around, but everyone else just saw this as normal. I was the only confused American in the bowling alley. I shrugged my shoulders and sighed, realizing it must be some kind of Canadian thing, and decided to just roll with the flow.

The rest of the night was fun. I was initially good at the 5 pin bowling and quickly picked up on the scoring set up. However, I do believe that I prefer the good old fashioned 10 pin bowling that I’m used to. And the night only got better when the group of teeny-bopper girls in the lane next to us finally left for home to go to bed. And Journey played on the radio, immediately prompting everyone to pull out their air guitars and start jamming away. After we got to the bowling alley and more people had taken off their coats, I realized that Jane and I weren’t the only crazily dressed people. In terms of bowling, my game declined as the night wore on, and I started getting more and more gutter balls. But it was ok. Because I had kicked ass the first game! Overall, it was  a pretty awesome night.