I was bored on the drive home, so I decided to draw my family members in all their cartoony glory! Oh the fun you can have with a touch screen. Which MacBooks don’t have. Just saying.

This is my father. He’s a former preacher, now carpenter, who loves to do Sudoku and study the weather.

This is my mother. She is a professor in developmental reading and just got off of a sabbatical. She is very musically talented, and never tires of giving her opinion.

This is my brother. He is a computer science major who is hoping to start Grad school in the fall. He’s ridiculously good at the saxophone, and is very intelligent in math related things.

This is me. I’m obsessed with Canada and penguins. I love to play the clarinet, and my favorite color is purple.

SIDENOTE: I discovered that my grandmother and I have very similar long, wool black coats. I’m not entirely sure if this scares me or diminishes the coolness of my coat…