I need people. When I am not around people, I am sad and get lonely. As soon as I have people, I get happy again. This is a fact of life. This is because of my Flying Purple People Meter.

This meter looks like a large thermometer with bat-like wings and spikey hair. When I am around people, it fills up with happiness liquid and I am content with life. Everything seems right in the world and I get enough energy to power a small town in rural Pennsylvania. When I am lonely, the liquid drains until I have no energy and just want to curl up in my lonely ball and go to sleep, engulfing myself in my own emotional black whole of nothingness. This meter, invisible to all other people, hovers around my head constantly, wheeling in little circles as the liquid fills and drains throughout my day. When it is empty, I simply go find some people and have fun times, and it fills right back up again, saving up a store of energy for me to draw upon. I have drawn pictures to illustrate this phenomenon and to capture the heart and soul of my quirky companion. Enjoy.