So, as many of you probably know, this Thursday is the day that many of us have been waiting for- the night that the first part of the 7th Harry Potter movie comes out. I personally am going to that midnight showing and am super excited for it! In anticipation of this long awaited night, we watched the 6th Harry Potter movie last night. And this made me realize something very interesting- I’m Harry Potter!

Now there is no You-Know-Who in my life and I’m not an orphan, but there are eerie similarities. For instance, most of his life, Harry grew up feeling like he didn’t quite belong in the muggle world. Well… this brings to mind a certain little American girl who had an obsession with Canada to the extent that she bought Canadian apparel and absolutely loathed the United States in which she lived. She would give anything to move up North. Hence, the muggle world is America and the wizarding world is Canada!

Now this girl suddenly heard of a wonderful school in Canada called Conrad Grebel. She instantly knew that this is where she belonged, and was so excited to be there. The instant she arrived in that awesome building, she knew she was home. Just like Harry, she had finally found her true home. She dreads the holidays like the plague, knowing that she will have to return to the muggle world from whence she came. While other kids await the golden days of summer with eager minds, she wishes the days would slow down until she could barely sense them passing.

Like Harry, she has two really good friends. She has a same-sex friend, Kenya, who is a bit of a jock and is incredibly loyal, and an opposite sex friend, who is ridiculously, insanely smart. And she loves them to death and doesn’t know what she would do without them. Her trio and Harry’s trio are ridiculously similar.

Like Harry, she is thrust into a new world that is similar to the old one, but still full of slang to learn, new money to figure out, and new places to discover. It may not be actually magical, but it feels magical to her.

Though, wait, hold on a second, maybe I don’t like this comparison. Harry is a bit of an emo hormone crazed prat. He thinks no one understands him because he’s special, and that he needs to go it alone. He has so much wizarding angst. And he can be kind of a jerk. In fact, I don’t think I want to be associated with him at all! He’s not actually that great of a guy, and all of his success is based on pure luck and chance.

Ok, nevermind. Scratch all that. I’m not Harry Potter. Thank goodness.

…But can I still pretend that I’m magic?