Doctor Who. Pretty much my favorite tv show ever. Call me a bit of a sci fi nerd, whatever, but when I see a picture of the tardis, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The high pitched hum of the sonic screwdriver sends shivers down my spine. Whenever I hear the phrase “The Doctor” I think, not of a medical professional, but of a man in a pinstripe suit with ridiculous hair.

Why do I love this show so much? Well, it’s simple. First of all, the doctor and his companion travel through space and time. Traveling is always awesome! And ridiculous aliens? What could be better? Who wouldn’t want to travel through space and time to meet ridiculous people and do ridiculous things? Honestly?

And yea, the show can be kind of ridiculous most of the time, having no scientific consistency or creditability. But that’s the best part. Me, with the little knowledge of science that I have, can point out the errors in the science of the show and feel smart. It gives me the opportunity to analyze it and make fun of the show, but at the same time love it in all its hilarity.

But what makes the show is the character of the Doctor himself. He’s a pacifist, which is completely awesome in my little Mennonite book. He never uses violence and hates any loss of life, whether it’s the death of malicious aliens or of innocent people. He is always comically flippant and witty, but under it all, he cares so much, about the universe, and about the people he’s with. He pretends that he’s always fine, and always has a good face, but on the inside he’s fighting his own battles. Something about that is ridiculously appealing- the way he goes about life, fixing everything but himself. I know it’s a little cliche but what can I say.

The Doctor is selfless and gets so much joy out of showing others the wonders that he has access to. He knows that he’s amazing, and flaunts it a little, but not so much as to alienate the humans he befriends. Even though humans are far below him, he still thinks the world of them. And they barely know that he exists.

If I was given the option, I’d go with The Doctor any day. I’d jump into his Tardis in a heartbeat, and almost explode from the anticipation of new worlds that I’d never seen before. He would look at me and smile, describing all of the wonderful places that he would want to take me to. We’d arrive, and I’d soak in the strange beauty of wherever we ended up.  Then I’d poke my nose into a place where it didn’t belong and find a group of aliens plotting the planet’s demise. Knowing me, while running back to find The Doctor, I would blunder around in some sort of maze of tunnels and get hopelessly lost. And while I was blundering around, he would save the day, defeat the aliens, and then somehow find me and laugh at my ridiculousness. And I’d never have to go home again. I’d just stow away on the Tardis, hiding in its depths. If only.