Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Watching the vibrant colors leap across the landscape as you gaze longingly out the window, singing to your favorite jams at the top of your lungs, letting the melody channel through your body and soothe your soul. Having conversations with people you’ve grown to love and not worrying about being judged or belittled… too much.

The feeling of having nothing to do but just sit there and soak it all in, breathing in the air of spontaneity and freedom and exhaling the worries that haunt your mind. Staring out the window, pondering the worries that you seem to have left behind as you speed away from the places you once knew into the unknown. There’s a certain feeling of peace, happiness, and contentment that is found in little other places except the open road.

I wish I was still there in that car, and didn’t have to come back to university life. I wish we could just drive forever into the sunset, living on laughter, love, friendship, and the occasional coffee. Stopping briefly to dance in the snow, excited at the prospect of the coming winter and the memories it will bring. Absorbing the beauty of the mountains, covered in trees whose leaves are vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and red, giving you the impression that the mountains are blazing with fire and intensity.

There are few worries, cares, or preoccupations when you’re on the road. You don’t have to do, you simply have to be. You hang on for the ride and dream a thousand dreams; dream about what you will do when you get to your destination, dream about the future, dream about how you could have changed the past, and dream about your present hopes and joys. Let your imagination soar, unfurl your wings, and release your mind.

Most people see a road trip as a means to an end. Sure, it can be fun, but your destination is the ultimate desire. Those people miss out. They miss the joy that can be found in the journey itself. They miss the liberating feeling of being on the open road and simply living. They miss the whole point of the trip. They miss out on life.