Wicked. It’s an amazing musical. I’ve seen it twice in theater, once on Broadway and once in Toronto, and every time Elphaba soars up in Defying Gravity I get the chills. It’s such a powerful moment. I’ve also memorized most of the soundtrack, and listening to it never gets old. No matter what’s happening in my life, there’s a Wicked song that correlates perfectly.

But now that I’ve seen it a second time, I found that my perceptions had changed. I have so much more pity now for Galinda. She gets completely screwed over by Elphaba and Fiyero. Fiyero tells her he loves her and that he’ll marry her, but then runs off with Elphaba. The three of them had hung out before, and Galinda didn’t suspect anything between them because she trusted her best friend. All she knew was that Fiyero was becoming more and more distant. And then bam! She gets stabbed in the back. Sure, they were meant for each other, he had always loved her (bull shit) Fiyero changed, whatever. What a bunch of bull crap. It still doesn’t justify the fact that while he was dating Galinda, he was running around trying to find Elphaba so he could be with her and ditch Galinda. She was just his second best choice.

And Elphaba’s a total pansy! For all her big talk and defying gravity and whatnot, what does she actually DO? Nothing really. She sets some monkeys free that she tortured in the first place, and then uses them as her spies. She mutilates Fiyero and lets her sister get a hold of the grimerie and curse Boq. She finds Doctor Dilamond, but doesn’t even manage to free him either. She does didly squat. And then when she thinks that her lovely boy toy is going to die, she said that no good deed goes unpunished and everything’s just pointless so she should give up? What a baby! She didn’t even do any good deeds to begin with.

Galinda is the only one that does any actual good in this play. Yea, she accidentally suggests that they should kill Nessa Rose in a moment of anger, but what can you expect? She just found out that her best friend and her fiance were seeing each other behind her back! But Galinda is the one who in the end actually makes things better. She stands up to the Wizard and Madame Morrible and becomes ruler of Oz. She unifies the people and reassures them instead of frightening them to death. She actually works towards the good of the whole, instead of moping about. Yes in the beginning she’s shallow and vain, but she changes. She sees the consequences of her actions and immediately changes, which is more than can be said for anyone else in the play. She has the most complex character and the most growth of any other character in Wicked.

Not to mention that Galinda spends the rest of her life thinking two of the people she was closest to were dead, and will never see them again, even though they’re both alive and well and simply ran away from their problems instead of doing any good in the world. They run off together, to have fun and happiness, while Galinda has to stay behind, clean up their mess, and live life alone. Staying was too hard so they ran. All they cared about was themselves. Selfish jerks.

So I guess this is kind of depressing, I analyzed my favorite musical and now I never want to consider myself as Elphaba again. I’ve realized that I’m more of a Galinda- I’m just a silly little girl who’s trying to do good in the world. The next time you hear a song from Wicked, think about who you would want to be- a failure who ends up running away from all of life’s problems because it’s too hard, a man who tells a girl he loves her, but then runs away with her best friend, or a girl who makes some mistakes, but changes into a person who makes the world a better place.