Life is an interesting thing. It takes us many places, soaring highs, searing lows, and all the fun stuff in the middle. It’s unpredictable and wild,and the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience. Most people cling to it dearly, so scared to lose their life to a number of things- poverty, lack of control, death, sorrow, but by trying to avoid those things with a passion, people miss out on life. It’s only when you let go, dive in, and get dirty that you really start to live.

I wish I would dive in more. But I get scared. Scared of what people will think, scared about how it will turn out, scared that I won’t like it, scared of the unknown. But when you jump, you hardly ever regret it. And even if things do go unplanned, you learn from your mistakes. You move on. You live.

And who would want to hear about a vacation where everything went well? No one. When you come back from a trip, what stories do you tell most often? That’s right, the ones were something went wrong. You don’t tell them how amazing dinner was, or how the bus ran smoothly, you talk about breaking down in the middle of nowhere, of losing your luggage, of getting lost in a huge city. Those are when memories are made. That’s when life is lived.

So stop holding on to everything so tightly. Loosen your grip. Stop planning everything; leave room for spontaneity. Spend a little too much money, arrive late because you found an amazing detour, forgo doing work for a once in a lifetime opportunity, pull an all-nighter when you know you shouldn’t.

I know you’ve probably heard all this before. So have I. And every time in my head I think “yea sure, that’s great, I’m gonna start living life and being amazing.” But do I? Nope. Nothing changes, I still work hard and hold onto my schedule. So I need to start taking my own advice and live life. Live as life should be lived- with wind in your hair, strange soil underfoot, arms outstretched, and head held high.Love too much and get your heart broken, care too much, waste too much time, have too much fun, be too loud, go to bed too late, run too far, eat too much, give too much, spend too much money, laugh too much until you cry and your sides ache, cry too much and let people inside, take too many pictures, and be too crazy to care.  And never settle for being less than amazing. Because that is what you are- AMAZING. So go prove it- I dare you.