Last night, I went roof running. It was a gorgeous, brisk, Canadian October night. I had been chilling in shirtless Steve’s room when I was asked if I wanted to go run on some roofs around campus, and, of course, I replied, “YES!”

Roof running is a highly illegal, highly dangerous activity. You navigate slippery ladders, run past open windows, and climb up vertical walls. But I had no fear. I laugh in the face of danger- hahahaha!

But let me tell you- it was gorgeous! Part of me just wanted to plop down, right there on the roof, and sit gazing at the stars for hours. The other part of me just said “Holy shit it’s cold.”

So, I inhaled a huge gust of wind, spread my arms, and ran off the roof. Then, wings magically sprouted from my shoulder blades and I flew off into the blustery night. Never to be seen again.